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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Here are some good lines from Wallace Stevens'"Credences of Summer" ... that you all might enjoy ...

Now in midsummer come and all fools slaughtered
And spring's infuriations over and a long way
To the first final autumnal inhalations, young broods
Are in the grass, the roses are heavy with a weight
Of fragrance and the mind lays by its trouble.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Dear Andy, et al,

We are wireless, too, but not networked. One computer isn't even hooked up to a printer so it would be nice if everything were networked. It also would make file sharing easier. The question is: how do you do it? I understand it is easy with Windows XP, but one of our computers is Windows 98. One more thing to spend time doing.

Anyway, Andy, I'm glad yours is working.

Spring has finally hit Chicago. Summer will probably come next week. Meantime, the days are warm and evenings are cool enough for good sleeping. One of the best times of theyear in Chicago! We look forward to seeingyou in Chicago in June.