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Thursday, June 09, 2005

We're going to Mexico this weekend. Flying into Puerto Vallarta Saturday, June 11, taking a cab to San Francisco (also called San Pancho), and staying there until we return Tuesday, June 14. San Pancho is about 30 miles north of PV. Only four days. We were going down to look at property to buy, but have sense been told to be very careful. Prices already seem high, the Mexican tax structure is confusing, and it seems to be easy to not get clear title. So we are going to look but not buy anything.

Hope you all have great weekends.

Love, George

Sunday, June 05, 2005

I think this blog would be a good place to post travel plans, as long as someone else could not use them to tell when our houses would be home alone and vacant.

We are in North Carolina with Sally, Ron and Marty this weekend for Marty's 89th birthday. Yesterday we went to a Hayward Community Collece festival called Mountain Echo with a lot of great mountain music. The community college is doing an impressive job of teaching basic, technological job skills that this country needs as manual labor jobs decrease and as the world gets more complicated. Things like electronic maintenance, hydraulic maintenance, network management.

Next weekend we go to San Pedro, just north of Puerto Vallarta to look at the town and real estate. We do not plan to buy anything immediately because the prices already are high and it would be tough (although not impossible) for us to finance. But the area sounds attractive.

Bye for now.